Candy crush saga Level 79 Tips Hints Guide

Candy crush saga Level 79 Tips Hints Guide

It’s obtaining an entire heap additional difficult now with everything concerned. the three white blocks area unit Jelly items, all the highest half Jelly is doubles, and also the bottom has eight latched in items and one or two chocolates and also the single transporter from the highest to rock bottom two squares. If you’ll be able to succeed a vertical stripy candy within the middle column, that may be ideal. kill the chocolate and once you’ll be able to then begin cleanup up the highest lines once that’s clear. the three hardest items are within the middle underneath the white blocks, because it is tough to urge something in there to match it, therefore use the horizontal and vertical stripy candies for it.

Follow these tips to pass level 79 easily

Work the bottom and watch the top

Look for vertical matches at the bottom of the screen, to maximize the number of cascading matches. This helps to remove other jellies without costing extra moves. Always look for opportunities to remove jellies at the top when you can though.


Look for power combos. Wrapped candies too work well, especially around the caged candies.chocolate doesn’t generate if any chocolate is destroyed the move before

Enjoy :D

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  1. I am having a great deal of trouble with level 79.
    The example shown is so small and has no sound telling what is going on it’s hard to follow what’s happening.
    What do you suggest? Thank you.

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