Candy crush saga Level 76 Tips hints

Candy crush saga Level 76 Tips hints

Where did that candy go?
The presence of transporters on the board makes for a confusing experience. The candies start at the bottom left of the screen and then fall to the top of the right section. From the bottom of the right section, they drop into the top left, after which they drop off the board. This is where you need to get your ingredients to

candy crush Level 76 Tips

  • The flow is from bottom left to right and then to upper left!
  • Try combining the 2 special candies for the additional effect on the right section. After that the acorn will go to the top left section
  • You need to clear up the candy below the top left section fruits to make them drop and complete 3/3

Stay away from the bottom left

Don’t waste your time on the bottom left, unless you can unleash a power combo.

From the top

Focus your efforts on finding matches in the top left section. This helps bring down candies from the other sections.

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