Candy Crush Saga Level 33 Tips cheats

Candy Crush Saga Level 33 Tips

Level thirty three is one in every of the primary major tests on your voyage through Candy Crush and ultimately into psychopathy. you’ll be able to boost your possibilities of progressing with the subsequent tips.

Work from the bottom

Look for matches near the bottom, preferably vertical matches. This maximizes the chances of cascading matches, clearing more jellies in a single move. The exception would be if you can utilize a power candy.

Focus on creating striped candy

Since there are so few moves to work with in level 33, you need to create special candies in order to hit multiple boxes at the same time.  The striped candies are most effective with this level, because they clear entire rows both horizontally and vertically.  The wrapped candy is not as helpful, because it will only explode in the box that you swipe it in and will not affect multiple boxes.  The special candy can be useful, however, if you swipe it next to a striped candy, which leads to tip number 2 for Candy Crush level 33.

Work one side of the board at a time

Focus on one side of the board at a time. It’s easier to plan your next move if you only need to think about half of the board.

Attempt to make a striped & wrapped candy combo

The best move you’ll attempt to accomplish for this level is to make a patterned candy and a wrapped candy and swipe them along. This move can single-handed clear the foremost jelly with one move, thus keep this in mind throughout the extent as you play. Since making this sort of candy jazz band with the restricted quantity of moves and house you’re given will be difficult, use this as a lot of of a back-thought to stay a watch out for opportunities if you get lucky. A a lot of realistic different is to travel for patterned candy combos

Pay attention to the position of your striped candies

Make sure after you ar victimization your stripy candies that you just concentrate to the direction (horizontal or vertical) the stripy candy goes to clear. whereas it’s tempting to merely match a stripy candy if you see a match, they’re useless if they’re not positioned properly. you’ll be able to predict that method the stripy candy can clear a row by that direction the stripes face (this is decided by the direction within which you created the candy). If the stripy candy goes to clear a row that doesn’t hold any jelly, don’t use it. The moves you create around it should push that candy into a simpler position, like matching with another special willdy or moving to a row it can clear that contains jelly.

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