Candy Crush Level 158 Tips Hints

 Candy Crush Level 158 Tips Hints

You’ve only got one ingredient to move This one can take some luck to beat further as an honest strategy. One issue to stay in mind is that the chocolate generator won’t begin creating chocolate till once your second move

Bring the ingredients down (1 cherry) and score 10,000 points in 20 moves.

1 star: 10000 points
2 stars: 45000 points
3 stars: 50000 points

 Candy Crush Level 158 Tips

There ar many ways in which to the current. I in person got lucky and had a vertical patterned candy slip to the proper aspect of the extent higher than my ingredient. you may run out of moves fast on the proper therefore therefore be semi conservative mistreatment them. If at the beginning of the extent you’ll break the cages i’d positively advocate doing that on your second move. Your initial move ought to be to do and create any special candy attainable on the left aspect. If you recognize the chocolate won’t take your move to interrupt the cage away once it seems then wait till your third move even to interrupt the cages.

Horizontal striped candies are life savers during this level. the most effective jazz band evidently could be a wet candy and a stripped candy however I wouldn’t hold my breathe on obtaining that as sprinkled candies ar onerous to create on this level, let solely obtaining it next to a patterned candy. The easy one is getting the ingredient down through the left portion down to the bottom. The hard part is the right hand side as you have chocolate fans and 2 locked in pieces.

Best of luck

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