Candy Crush Level 147 Tips

Candy crush saga level 147 is a really difficult level. It’s made more frustrating by the bombs that appear at the top, requiring valuable moves just to remove them.I have been stuck on this level for more than a month.

Here is candy crush saga 147 level

tips to beat candy crush level 147
candy crush 147

Here are some tips to clear this level

Clear the middle column as fast as u can. When the time bomb started coming down, it will be easier to clear. Create as many combos as possible.Plan your moves.  See where your candies are dropping into the next move or if you can anticipate further positions. Sometimes there isn’t a need to use up your combo so soon. Position them to your best advantage.

Focus on planning ahead to try to get striped and wrapped candies mixed together. If you can do this, you clear out the center column and then you can work on putting together bigger combos.

It takes 3 to 4 combos to beat this level, so don’t focus on the jellies, or the column with only 3 candies, you have to put together 4 or more candies to get through level 147.The more combos you will make it will be easier for you.

Best of luck :D

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