Candy crush level 109 Tips help tricks

Candy crush level 109 Tips help tricks

Candy crush level 109 is one of the more frustrating levels. The bombs locked away in the standalone blocks mean that you burn through lives very quickly.

After the bombs, clear some of the centre to allow room to make better specials – 4/5 ones .But ultimately you just need  either a basic horizontal line blast or, better, a good combo getting them high up is challenging (ie. so they hit the top jelly)… so a colour bomb + striped is good!
Level 109 tips

Lose the bombs

OK, OK, it’s obvious. therefore the question is “how?”. you would like to appear for horizontal stripes and stripe combos. there’s no alternative choice. it’d take a short while.

Same for the jellies

No a lot of excellent news sadly. Horizontal stripes and stripe combos can get the opposite jellies.

Cascading candies

Look for matches close to very cheap. It boosts your possibilities of cascading candies that generate stripes.

Best of luck for Level 109 :D

3 thoughts on “Candy crush level 109 Tips help tricks

  1. Level 109 is ridiculous! I’ve been playing CC for a month, and It was a fun challenge, but this level is all luck. It takes 3 perfectly placed horizontally striped candies to clear the side boxes. What are the odds of getting the right color combos that many times? Plus, you need the matching candies to use the striped ones! A power ball doesn’t help much, so you run out of lives quickly. Levels like this are designed to force you to spend money. I refuse to pay 1 cent to play this game, and I will not bother my friends on FB. I’ve been playing on my own; however, I’m disgusted and ready to hit delete.

  2. This level is by far the most frustrating,I,ve been on 109 for weeks now with no chance of getting rid of the bombs unless you pay,which I,m not going to do.Whatq started out as a great game is now turning into a hopelessness,you just haven,t got a chance,so I,m now ready to delete the game, and move on to another that gives you some satisfaction,and a chance of completeting.

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