Candy Crush level 102 Tips Help guide

Candy Crush level 102 Tips Help

Here are few tips to beat candy crush saga level 102 easily.Candy crush saga level 102 is an ingredient level.Level 102 is all about the vertical combos. Do not worry about trying to clear out the chocolate, just focus on making good combos on the top portion that effect the bottom part because they are vertical.

This is level 102 in candy crush saga

candy crush level 102 tips guide help

candy crush 102 level

 Tips to beat this level

Focus on the ingredients

You need to bring down the ingredients. do not get aspect half-track with combos unless they’re going to assist you out.

Keep the chocolate under control

If the chocolate takes over the lowest of the screen, you are in deep trouble. however you almost certainly already knew that. that is why you are here. Chocolate solely spreads once you do not clear a chocolate on the previous move. thus set up your moves ahead, so you’ll confiscate chocolates on sequential moves.

Keep the bombs under control too

Don’t let the bombs lallygag around for too long. Take them or as presently as you’ll. ideally among one or two of moves. you always solely get ammo to require out a bomb.


Look for vertical stripes and striped/wrapped combos.


The next ingredient drops on to the screen when one drops off the screen. It drops wherever you next clear successive candies, thus use this chance to drop the ingredient wherever you would like it to travel.

Best of luck for level 102 :D

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